Inviting Companies Into Your Project

ConDoc is all about COLABORATION, so you will need to invite your project team into your project so they can access your Plans, Drawing, Specs and Documents. It’s super easy – take a look!

Navigate to the Project Admin Screen:

Select Add Company in the lower right hand corner of your screen:

Enter one or more email addresses (separate with a space or semicolon) and Save

Once someone has an account in ConDoc, we “know” them, so if we recognize the email address, we will match them to their company for you.

If we have the right company, all you have to do is assign the user a role on the project; Sub-Contractor, Design Team, Owner, etc. Do this by clicking the dropdown option (red arrow above) and selecting the appropriate row. This is necessary for proper workflow.

IF your contact has moved to a new company, or we don’t recognize them as an existing ConDoc user, you’ll just need to enter in the company information;

Don’t forget to set the role and SAVE. Bam – you’re done!

Everyone you invite to your project will receive an email invitation to join your project. If they are new to ConDoc, they will need to register, which takes about 10 seconds.

Updated on February 22, 2022

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