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RFI – An Overview

Standard RFI Workflow


When an RFI is submitted to or assigned to your company:

  1. You will receive an email notification containing the details of the RFI.
  2. The RFI count on your company dashboard will increase.

All companies associated with the project will receive an email notification when an RFI is completed. Project and/or document settings may impact these notifications. Notifications can be managed by each ConDoc user.  

Who can see RFIs?

In-Process RFIs: Only companies who have been submitted or assigned to the RFI or any company that has been granted explicit access to the RFI can see the RFI while it is in process.

Completed RFIs – Public: For RFIs that have been flagged as public, any company that is a member of the project can view or download the RFI.

Completed RFIs – Private: For RFIs that have been flagged as private, only companies who are part of the workflow and specified Stakeholders can see the RFI.  

RFI Status

New: The RFI has been created but has not yet been submitted to the design team and/or owner.

Submitted: The RFI has been submitted to the design team and/or owner for review and comment.

Internal: The RFI was completed by the General Contractor prior to submission to the design team and/or owner.

Completed: The RFI has been reviewed and completed.

Rejected: The RFI has been reviewed and rejected.  

Project Admin RFI Settings

Navigate: Admin, Project Admin, Project Documentation Settings, RFI



You can modify the global RFI Workflow settings here:

RFI Types Values

ConDoc provides a list of industry standard type values. These values can be modified, re-ordered, or deleted here:

Updated on September 23, 2021

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