Project Administration

A Project Administrator (Project Admin) is a person with Administrative permissions for things related to the project. The level of Project Admin permissions depend on the role of the Company as it relates to the Project. 

The General Contractor’s Project Admin(s)

The General Contractor (GC) for a project will normally be designated as the Project Manager for a project. This means that the GC’s Project Admin will need more management capability over the project. Therefore, the GC’s Project Admin will have more features available to them than other Companiess’ Project Admins.

The GC’s Project Admin establishes the default settings for document configuration, visibility, timelines, routing, and other aspects of document workflow in ConDoc. This helps the GC’s Project Admin ensure that the right people get the documents at the right time and in the right order, and that people who shouldn’t see them don’t.

The GC’s Project Admin may also add and remove companies from the project. As subcontractors and consultants are needed, the GC’s Project Admin can invite them to the project in ConDoc.

Because ConDoc is email based, when the GC’s Project Admin invites a company to the project they must use an individual’s email address. This will add the company and the individual at the same time. If the person being added is the first person from the company to be added, the person being added will become the company’s Project Admin, the Company Admin, and have Billing permissions.

Other Company Project Admin(s)

 The Company’s Project Admin Is not able to configure documents but does manage document security by adding or removing people from their company to a project and determining which of their company’s employees have access to the documents. They are also able to create and manage Approval Workflows for the project.    

 The Company Admin only has administrative permissions to manage people who work for their company and for functions that their company is responsible for. The Company Admin can invite other people to the project from within their company and they can grant Company Admin permissions to other people within their company. Company Admins can also manage their company’s Approval workflows and Company Stamps. If necessary, the Company Admin can designate another employee as a Company Admin. If the Company Admin also has Billing permissions, they can grant Billing permissions to another employee.

Updated on November 29, 2023

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