Markup in Desktop App (Troubleshooting)

Markup in desktop app allows users to add markup to PDFs and Plans using their favorite desktop tool such as BluebeamTM and AdobeTM


  • Only available on Windows computers
  • Only available to users with Standard or Enterprise subscriptions
  • The ConDoc desktop client is installed and up-to-date
    Administrative privileges are required to install the desktop client

ConDoc requires a client install on your Windows computer.
This client is responsible for communicating between your desktop PDF app and ConDoc.
If the client is not installed or requires update you will be prompted to install

  1. Click on Download ConDoc Client
  2. Click on Open file to launch the ConDoc Installer
    Usually this will appear in your browser’s footer, but every browser is different

  3. Follow the instructions in the install wizard
    The install does require administrative privileges
    If you have trouble, give us a call or find your favorite IT guru.

  4. Click Try Again to relaunch your PDF Editor

Uh Oh – ConDoc is not launching the correct PDF editor:
Make sure your favorite PDF editor is the default application for PDFs. Here is how:
Change default programs in Windows 10

IT Departments – Manual Distribution
The MSI is available for distribution via your favorite network deployment tool
Download is available here:

Updated on January 31, 2022

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