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What is an Approval?

Approvals can be anything that requires a workflow, either internal (within your company) or external (outside your company): schedules, progress reports, certification rosters, supply lists, or anything else that requires someone else’s approval. Approvals allow the Company or Project Admin to establish a custom workflow for whatever is needed. Approvals are for documents that do not fall into one of ConDoc’s other document categories.

To create an Approval workflow, you must be a Company or Project Admin. If the approval is internal (only your company needs to approve), then you will need to navigate to the Company Admin page to create the Approval Workflow. If the Approval will be external (other companies need to approve), you will need to navigate to the Project Admin tab to create the Approval Workflow.

Internal vs External Approval Workflow

Internal Approvals are not project specific. These approvals are strictly for company use and may contain information related to several projects. These approvals will not be visible to anyone outside your company. External Approval Workflows can only be configured by Project Admins. These approvals are tied to a specific project, and they require review/approval from other companies. These may be schedules, certification rosters, or anything that requires approval from more than one organization.

Updated on September 7, 2021

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