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What are Company Roles?

Company roles are based on the function the company serves on the project. The company’s role determines where it will fit into the various document workflows. The Company Roles are:

  • Architect – Engineers
  • Customer/Owner
  • General Contractor
  • Other 1*
  • Other 2*               *Generic positions that are NOT in the workflows
  • Other 3*
  • Sub-Contractor

* Other 1, 2, & 3 are placeholders to allow the Project Admin to include anyone or any company that isn’t otherwise identified. The Project’s Admin can rename these roles via the Project Admin screen.

In the document workflow, a company will have permission to approve documents or changes, make Requests for Information (RFIs), create Submittals, create Change Requests or Change Orders, and Other documents, depending on that company’s assigned role. Assigning roles to a company enables the Project’s Admin to permit or prohibit a company from taking certain actions on a document based on those roles. The permissions associated with a company extend to all employees of the company, provided the employees have access to the project.

Updated on September 7, 2021

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