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How do I configure an Other document?

You must be the Project’s Admin to be able to configure any document.

Other Document Configuration

“Other” documents include things like weekly reports, schedules, safety reports, permits, meeting minutes, or any “other” document you want to make available to other companies involved with the project.  

To access the settings for “Other” documents, click on the Admin Tab, then click Project Admin. This will bring up the Project Administration page. On the Project Administration page, below the Project Information boxes, are the Document Configuration boxes. There is a separate box for each document type. If you are the Project Admin, these boxes will have a Security and a Configuration button. If you are a Company Admin, only the Security button will be available to you. Each Document Configuration box will have a brief description of the document’s current configuration.

On the Document Configuration box for Other, click on the Configure button.

Ensure that Other Documents are enabled for the project. The Other Documents enabled for project checkbox should be checked.

Enable Other Document CC: This checkbox allows individual documents to be Courtesy Copied to users who are not members of the specific project. This allows managers and other key personnel to be notified of changes to construction documents without having to include them on all communications about the project.

Enable Attachments: This checkbox allows users to add attachments/supporting documents to existing Other Documents.

Type Values: This list will already contain several categories of information/documentation. There is an Add New button to allow the Project’s Admin to add new types as required. Click on the Add New button, type in the new category and click Save. The new Type will appear on the list. Each item on the list will have a Trashcan icon, so you can delete individual Types if they are not relevant to the project.

Once you are satisfied with the Other Document configuration, click the Save button at the bottom of the configuration screen.

Updated on September 7, 2021

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