What is the My Dashboard tab?

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After your initial login, when you log in to ConDoc you will be taken to the My Dashboard tab. This page is meant to be a quick reference showing any tasks that need your attention. The My Dashboard tab is NOT project specific. It will list ALL documents for ALL projects assigned to your company, provided you have access to them.

The top of this page shows you what is “In My Court.” It will list the document types that are currently assigned to your company, how many of each document there are, and if any of them are overdue. Hovering the cursor over the document types will display a count of Overdue, Due Soon, and In Your Court. You can access these documents by clicking on the document type. Your Dashboard does not list all the documents you have access to, just the ones that are currently assigned to your company. If you need to see all the documents, click on the Documents tab and navigate to that document type.

Below the In My Court box will be three or four option boxes. Three of these boxes are available to all users: Open My Settings, Search for Project, and the Getting Started Video. The fourth box, Create a New Project, is only available to Project Admins. Each box is simply a link to another page or dialog box. Click inside the box to follow the link.

  • Open My Settings: Clicking on this box will take you to your Account page.
  • Search for Project: This will pull up the Request Missing Access dialog box. It will list all the projects your company has access to. If you see a project that you need to be added to, click on the project name to highlight it, then click the Request Access button. This will notify your company's Project Admin.
  • Create a New Project: (only available to Project Admins) This brings up the Create New Project Wizard. The New Project Wizard will walk you through the steps to create a new project.
  • Getting Started Video: This video is a quick demonstration of ConDoc features and navigation.


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