How can I customize which companies can view an RFI?

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Only the GC can configure RFI visibility.

Document Visibility

This field will only be visible to the GC. This field uses a list of checkboxes to select which companies have access to view this RFI. If the box is checked, then the company has permission to view the RFI. If the box is not checked, the company does not have permission to view the RFI. You may need to scroll down to see the whole list of names. Selected companies will be able to view the RFI wherever it may be in the workflow. Keep in mind, companies will only receive email notifications if:

  • The RFI is In Your Court (their company’s)
  • The RFI has been Approved, or
  • The RFI has been Rejected

RFI Visiblility Upon Completion

This field will only be visible to the GC. Use the dropdown to select Public – All Project Companies, or Private – Assigned Companies Only.

Setting the value to Public - All Project Companies makes the RFI visible to all companies assigned to the project. 

Setting the value to Private - Assigned Companies Only  makes the RFI visible to only those companies selected in the Document Visibility field. 


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