Should I allow TWINUI to open a PDF I downloaded from ConDoc? (Internet Explorer)

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Troubleshooting: TWINUI Message Pops Up When Trying to Download a PDF document in ConDoc

This error applies to:

  • Browser - Internet Explorer (IE 11) with Enhanced Protected Mode setting enabled
  • Operating System - Microsoft 8 & Higher (Including Windows 10)
  • Default PDF Viewer - Edge Browser, Chrome Browser, other browser-based PDF viewers

If you encounter this dialog when you attempt to open a pdf download from ConDoc, it is safe to click 'Allow'.

TWINUI is a Microsoft product that is already installed on your machine. TWINUI was introduced with Windows 8. Among other things, TWINUI allows a PDF to open in a browser-based PDF viewer.

Internet Explorer Security Error Message

After you click 'Allow', your pdf will open in your default PDF viewer, which is likely Edge, Chrome, or another browser. 

Can I prevent this message from appearing in the future?

Yes, there are several easy ways to prevent the message from appearing in ConDoc in the future. 

  1. Check the box for 'Do not show the warning for this program again'.  You may have to check this box again in future sessions, or for security messages related to programs other than TWINUI. 
  2. Select a different default PDF viewing tool. Setting your default PDF viewing tool to a tool other than a browser will stop the TWINUI message. These instructions from Microsoft show you how to select a different default PDF app in the Windows 10 operating system, and will even open your default settings for you if you click the 'Open Default Apps' button.  If no other PDF editor is installed on your machine, we recommend installing  Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.  We do not recommend installing the  'Optional Offers' unless your IT department suggests you should.
  3. Disable Enhanced Security Mode for Internet Explorer. This article from Microsoft explains how to easily disable Enhanced Security Mode with a simple checkbox and prevent this message from displaying in the future. Depending on your IT administrator settings, you may not be able to disable Enhanced Security Mode.
  4. Use a different browser. If you are operating on Windows 10, then you probably have the Microsoft Edge browser pre-installed. If you are allowed to download a browser, we recommend Google Chrome. Check with your IT department to see if there are approved browsers other than Internet Explorer. In addition to enhanced security, Google Chrome and Edge allow full access for the ConDoc feature set and much faster page loading times.


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