How do I add construction Documents/Plans?

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Uploading Construction Documents & Plans

The Construction Set Wizard allows users to upload one or more documents to create a “set” of construction documents. You can also update an existing set of documents if a single plan sheet is revised. 

To upload Construction Documents, click on the Documents tab, then click Construction Documents to navigate to the Construction Documents Library. Now click on the Launch Construction Set Wizard button. ConDoc supports most file types, but PDF files are the most common for architectural plans and drawings.

First, determine if you are going to add these files to an existing Construction Set or create a new set. There is a radio button for each option. If you click the radio button to use an existing set, it will enable the dropdown menu for you to select the set you want to use. If you click the radio button to upload to a new construction set, you will need to type in a name for the set you are uploading, select the date, and select the purpose of the documents: For Construction, For Bid, For Proposal, or For Information Only.  

CAUTION: When you select the date, use the current date. This date will be attached to each individual plan sheet. When the Construction Set Wizard modifies the Current Set and the Plans, it uses the date attached to each individual sheet to determine which sheet is added to the Current Set.

In the Upload construction documents box, You can use the Select Files menu, or you can simply drag and drop the file from your computer. Once you have selected all the files you want to upload, make sure they appear in the box. Each file should have an Extract plan sheets checkbox and a trashcan icon. Make sure the Extract plan sheets box is checked. This will help the wizard determine which sheets to add to the Plans. If you accidentally selected the wring file, click the trashcan icon adjacent to that file to remove it.

Once all the files are listed in the upload box, click the Finish button. If there are no problems with the files you selected to upload, you will see the “Success” screen, telling you that your files are uploaded, but the wizard isn’t finished working yet. When you click the Finish and Close button, the wizard will start to analyze the documents to identify and extract the plans, then update the Current Set and the Plans throughout ConDoc.

When the window closes, go to your dashboard to monitor the progress of the Construction Set Wizard. When the wizard finishes analyzing the documents, you will have to verify each plan sheet individually. Click the Review and complete button to start the validation process.

WARNING: A sheet number may only be used once. If you have uploaded a plan with the same sheet number as a previously uploaded document, the wizard will not alert you that it is a duplicate number. If a matching sheet number is uploaded, the wizard will overwrite the existing sheet with the new one.


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