These 4 Tips Will Make Adding New Companies to ConDoc Easier Than Ever

2017-08-10 19:27

Note: This article applies to General Contractors and their Admins, or other users that have the ability to add a company to a project. (Companies with a paid ConDoc account).

If you have admin privileges in ConDoc, you may find yourself adding new companies to different projects daily. We asked our power users how they manage adding new companies, and compiled their best tips for you. 

1. The "View Recent Emails" feature is your friend

You may notice that ConDoc sends you an email every time a company accepts your invite, but inboxes fill up fast. Instead of relying on your inbox to find ConDoc emails, go to My Account in ConDoc and click View Recent Emails. A record of every email invite you have sent is available to view. You can see the exact emails that were sent to companies, and the email address they were sent to. You can also view the confirmation emails that have been accepted by companies. This is helpful information to have at hand when you receive a phone call about ConDoc from a company.

2. Select a Project Administrator Pro

 When you assign an employee at your company as a project admin, the Project Admin option appears in their Admin menu. This employee will be able to quickly invite company members to ConDoc via the Companies “Quick Invite” feature, and they can view employees at every company within the project they are an admin for. Many companies select one employee to add all of the projects to ConDoc and manage the invite process. Here are the most important Project Administrator Features:

  • Quick Add Company Employees (Companies): Project admins can add your employees to a project, and they can invite employees from other companies too. 
  • Manage Companies and Invites:  The Manage Companies and Invites button shows every company that is currently in your project, and any invites that haven’t been accepted. Click the yellow re-send arrow to resend invitations to outstanding users, and invite new companies using the green plus sign.  Clicking on the red magnifying glass beside a company will bring up a list with all of the users at that company. You can change user roles, and remove companies from the project. 

3. Create a ConDoc Power User at Companies You Work With Frequently

You can always help out companies that are new to ConDoc by adding all of their individual users from your Project Admin page, but did you know companies can add and manage their own users? Just like you add employees from your company to projects using the Users add tool, companies can use the same tool to invite their own employees to any project you have invited them to. Cultivate a power user at the companies you work with frequently by asking who they want you to share training resources with. Consider sending links to resources available right here in the ConDoc help site. For example, Accessing ConDoc for the First Time is a great article for company admins to share with their team when they add users to ConDoc. How do I add users to my company? will help company admins add employees with ease. Enabling companies to manage their own users will save you administrative time and help companies add users to your projects more efficiently.

4. Create Your Own Company Onboarding Documentation

This article helps companies step-by-step through the first-time login process. You are welcome to share it with every company you invite to ConDoc. However, once companies are logged in, much of how they use ConDoc will depend on the unique processes and procedures that you set up. Because ConDoc is such a flexible tool, you will find it is worth your time to create a document specific to your needs that answers the most common questions companies have about using ConDoc. Even companies that have experience with ConDoc won't be familiar with the exact processes and configuration that you have designed. 

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