Why haven't I received an email invitation to ConDoc?

2020-08-11 20:49

Still waiting for an email invitation to ConDoc? Here are some common reasons people do not receive an invite:

  • Check your junk mail/spam mail folder.
  • Have you confirmed that the ConDoc administrator set up your account?
  • Do you have more than one email address? Verify that the administrator sent the email to the account you are checking for an invite.
  • Verify that the administrator has entered the correct email address.
  • If your email account is managed by a company IT department, verify that the email was not blocked by a firewall. (The IP for the email may need to be added to a whitelist).
  • In order to receive the email, your device must be connected to the internet. Verify your connection is working.

Still no email? Contact us for support using the button below.

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