How do I view a PDF Document?

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Viewing a PDF in the ConDoc application:

*Note: PDFs and other documents should be viewed and edited in the ConDoc application whenever possible to prevent the loss of any changes made to the document.

View the PDF from the Documents Tab:

  1. From the Documents Tab, select the tab for the document type you wish to view. (RFI, Submittal, etc)
  2. If you see a PDF icon () beside the document, it is available to view, and possibly markup, in your browser.
  3. Click the PDF icon beside the document you would like to view.
  4. The document automatically opens to view. 

OR view the PDF from Properties View:

  1. Click the Go to PDF View button if it is displayed at the top of any document's properties window. 

Additional Options Avaialable in PDF View:

  • Print PDF Document - clicking the printer icon opens your browsers print dialog. 
  • Download PDF Document - clicking the download icon downloads the PDF version of the document to your downloads folder.
  • Markup/Stamp PDF Document* - Condoc supports markup and stamping of PDFs without ever leaving your browser.  Click the "Edit and Stamp" button to open the full suite of ConDoc Markup tools. Modify the document in your browser, then Save the changes.

*Note: You may only markup a PDF that is assigned to your company. You can open, print, and download any PDF you have access to view.

Viewing a PDF outside the ConDoc application:

You can download a PDF to view it in your PDF viewer/editor by clicking the download icon (). 

  • Click on the download icon () next to the document on the Documents tab. OR
  • Go to the document's Properties view, then click the Download PDF button.

*Note: If you make any changes to the PDF after downloading it (edit/markup), you will have to re-upload the PDF to ConDoc for those changes to stay with the document.

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