What is the Projects tab?

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The Projects Tab

Next to the My Dashboard tab, in the header bar, is the Projects tab. The Projects tab displays a project box with information about that project. If you navigate to the My Projects tab from a screen or tab that is not project specific (e.g. My Dashboard), the Projects tab will display the project you most recently had selected. If this is not the project you want to see, use the Project Selector dropdown on the right-hand side of the Header Bar to select a different project.

The appearance of the Projects tab screen will depend on your role and permissions. If you are an employee without Admin permissions, you will only see the Project card. The Project card lists the project title and information about the project. Under the project title is a timeline bar graph showing a percentage of how much time has been used for the project and how many days remain. The Project’s Start and End date, the phase the project is in, the Architect and GC, and a 3-day weather forecast are listed. The View 7 day forecast link will bring up a window with the 7-day extended weather forecast.  

There is also a list of document types for the project, like you would see on the My Dashboard tab, but the documents listed here are strictly ones related to this project that are still in the workflow. Completed documents will not be shown here. This list will have the document type and quantity of documents that are assigned to your company. If you hover the cursor over the document type, an information callout will appear showing the number of documents that are overdue, due tomorrow, or In Your Court. If you are a Project Admin, below the list of document types will be a bar graph showing how many of each document type are in the workflow, and who the documents are assigned to.

At the bottom of the Project card is a Request Missing Project Access button. This button brings up the Request Missing Access dialog box. If you see a project that you need to be added to, click on the project name to highlight it, then click the Request Access button. This will notify your company’s Project Admin. If you are a Company Admin or are your company’s Project Admin, there will be a shortcut button to Open Project Admin, that will open the Project Administration tab.

In addition to the Project card, if you are a Company Admin, you will see the Associated Employees card. This card allows you to add/remove employees to the project from your company and grant/deny Company Project Admin permissions to those employees. 

If you are the GC's Project Admin, you will see the Associated Companies card. This card allows the Project’s Admin to add/remove companies from the project.


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