How can I interact with Plans?

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Interact with plans

The Plans tab allows you to select which set of plans to view via the dropdown in the upper left corner. Each set of plans will be listed by the name used when the set was uploaded, along with the Current Set, which is an aggregate of all the individual plan sets. Plans are identified by sheet number, so ConDoc will not allow duplicate sheet numbers.

When you navigate to the Plans tab, use the set selector to view the set of plans you need. You can download the plans as a Zip file or a PDF. There is an Enable Select Mode button which will allow you to select one or more sheets individually. Your selections can then be downloaded as a Zip or PDF file.

The Display Options button will allow you to Select how the plans are displayed, either by Sheet Number, Title, or both. Then you can sort the list based on either Sheet number or title. The larger the project, the more important these filters can become.

The plans are also searchable. The search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the Plans tab can be used to find a plan sheet by sheet number, title, partial title, partial sheet number, etc.

Clicking on a plan sheet will open that sheet in the plan viewer. The plan viewer allows you to view individual plan sheets, enlarge or shrink the view, or download the individual plan sheet. The Plan viewer has controls to allow you to change plan sets and sheets via dropdown menus. Using the dropdowns will activate the Previous Plan button so you can go back the previous page quickly. There is a slider bar to adjust the zoom and controls to download the plan sheet as a PDF, toggle the minimap on or off, or toggle to a full screen view. The minimap, active by default, is a thumbnail view of the plan sheet with a box indicating the portion of the plan sheet currently visible. At the top right-hand side is an Exit Plan Viewer button to return you to the Plans tab.


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