How do I add/edit Employees for my Company?

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The Manage Company Employees box on the Company Admin screen will list all company employees that are in ConDoc. Next to the employee’s name, in the “Roles” column, there will only be three possible roles. If the column is blank, the person does not have Admin or Billing permissions. If the column says Admin, the employee is a Company Admin, but does not have Billing permission. If the column says Billing, or Admin/Billing, the person is a Company Admin and has Billing permission.  

Adding Employees to your Company

The Manage Company Employees box allows you to add or remove employees from the company and change employee roles. Remember that from the Company Admin screen, you are not associating the employee with a project. To add an employee to a project, you will need to navigate to the Project tab or the Project Admin screen.

The New button will bring up a dialog box to add an employee by entering their name and email address. That employee will receive the “Let’s Get Started” email from ConDoc. You must add the employee to ConDoc before you can assign roles to that employee.

Once the employee has accepted the invitation and logged in to ConDoc, you can then edit the employee’s information and assign roles to them by clicking the pencil (edit) button adjacent to the individual’s name on the Manage Company Employees card. This will bring up the Edit Employee Details dialog box.

Edit Employees

The Edit Employee Details box has three sections: Details, which has the employee’s personal information; Assigned Roles, which has checkboxes to grant Admin and Billing permissions; and Assigned Projects, which lists the projects that employee has access to.

In the Details section, there is an Edit Email button. This button is ONLY for changing another employee’s email address. You cannot change your own. When you change the employee’s email address, they will have to log out and log back in using the new email address to continue working in ConDoc. There is also a Reset Password  button, which will reset the employee’s password (you cannot reset your own password). The employee will receive an email with a new password. If you want to change the employee’s details, just type them in. When you click the Save button at the bottom of the dialog box, the changes will be saved.  

At the bottom of the Details section are three more option buttons: Deactivate, which will deactivate the employee (this button will not be present if you are editing your own details); View History, which allows you to see all actions related to managing that employee (not the employee’s actions); and View Emails, which will display the most recent ConDoc generated emails sent to that employee.

Since employees can only be deactivated rather than deleted, there is a checkbox on the Manage Employees box to view inactive employees. Once the employee is visible to you, you can edit that employee and reactivate them. This can save time if an employee is going to be away (medical, maternity, ongoing education), but is expected to return.

The Assigned Roles section has two checkboxes: Admin and Billing. Checking the Admin box will grant Company Admin permissions to the employee. Checking the Billing box will grant Billing permissions. If you check the box for Billing and the Admin box was not already checked, the Admin box will automatically be checked and greyed out. Billing permissions require the employee to be a Company Admin, so when you grant an employee Billing permission, they are automatically granted Company Admin permissions.

The Assigned Projects section lists all the projects the employee has access to. The list has the project name and an “Is Admin” column to tell if the employee is the company’s Project Admin for that project. There will be a checkmark if they are an admin and an X if they are not. These are simply indicators, not clickable options. You cannot add or remove an employee from a project using this screen.


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