What are the Project Phases, and what do they mean?

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Project Phases

When projects are created in ConDoc, they typically go through several phases: Pre-Construction, Construction, Warranty, and Deactivation. Users do not have the capability to change project phases. To change the phase of a project, call the helpdesk or submit a help ticket.

Pre-construction: In this phase, the project is still being designed. Contractors and sub-contractors are consulted, bids are taken, architects and engineers are hired, building permits are secured, etc. In this phase, everything required to complete the project is identified and addressed. 

Construction: In this phase, the Project's Admin is identified and construction begins. Companies that were consulted but not hired are removed from the project. 

Warranty: In this phase, construction is complete. Systems are equipment are monitored and errors in construction are identified (punch list items) and corrected. In this phase, no new documents can be created in ConDoc.

Deactivation: In ConDoc, when a project is deactivated, all ConDoc project documents are exported on a USB flashdrive and given to the owner or Project's Admin.


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