How do I edit a Project?

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The Project’s Admin is the only person/company who should make changes to the project’s information in ConDoc. There are two locations to access the Edit Project Details dialog box, either via the Project information box on the Project Admin screen or the Manage Company Projects box on the Company Admin screen. In the Project Information box there is an Edit button, and on the project list in the Manage Company Projects box there is a pencil icon (edit button) adjacent to the project’s name. Clicking the edit button in either location will bring up the Edit Project Details dialog box. 

The Edit Project Details dialog box will have the Project’s ID, Name, Description, start and end dates, and address. All fields are mandatory, as denoted by asterisks. Under Key Info, the GC is not editable, but the Architect of Record is. Clicking in the Architect of Record field will bring up a dropdown menu that lists companies you can select to be the Architect of Record. The dropdown list is populated based on the companies’ assigned roles in ConDoc. It will only list Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors.  

Once all the changes have been made, click the Save button to save the changes and close the dialog box. Clicking the Cancel button will abandon the changes and close the dialog box.

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