Why can't I add markup(stamps, signatures, or markings) on this document?

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There are three common reasons that the Markup/Stamp button does not appear on a document:

  • The document is not a PDF.
    • The Markup/Stamp tools are only available for PDF documents.
  • The document is not assigned to your company.
    • To see if the document is assigned to your company:
      • From the Documents tab: Select the document type you want to edit. In the document list, find the document you want to edit, then  view the "Assigned To" column to see if the document you want to edit is assigned to your company. If the document is not assigned to your company, you will not be able to use the markup tools.
      • From the Document View, Attributes tab: The Assignment field is in the upper right-hand corner of the Attributes tab screen. This field will tell you if the document is assigned to your company or if it is locked for editing. 
  • The document has already been approved or rejected.
    • Most documents are locked for editing after they are approved or rejected.
    • If the Reopen button is available, you can reopen the document to make your changes. (Once reopened, the document will have to go back through the approval process.)

If you still need to add/remove markup from a document, work with your Project Administrator to make the necessary changes.

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