What is the Documents tab?

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Where is it?

When you log in to ConDoc, across the top of the screen is the Title bar. You should see the ConDoc logo in the upper left-hand corner. Your name and your company will be in the upper right-hand corner along with a Log-Out button. The Header bar is the black band just beneath the Title Bar. It will have several tabs: My Dashboard, Projects, Daily Log, Log Review, Documents, Plans, and Admin. Your role in ConDoc will determine which of these tabs are available to you.  Click on the Documents tab.

What does it do?

The Document Libraries available will be listed by document type, in a row below the Header Bar. The Documents tab will display the document libraries for all documents that are enabled for the project you have selected. This means that the document libraries are also specific to the project. The following Document Libraries may be listed: RFI (Request for Information), Submittal, Construction Documents, Construction Set, Change Request, Change Order, Other, and Approvals. If you do not see one or more of these libraries, the GC's Project Admin may not have enabled the missing Document types.

If you click on one of the document types, it will open that document library. Each document library will have the same basic display format, even if the option buttons are different. Each library will list all the documents of that type for the selected project. The document libraries are organized into rows and columns like a spreadsheet. The list will usually be sorted by the first column. You can identify the sort order by looking for the sort icon, in the column heading row. You can sort the list any way you choose. If you click on a column heading, the list will sort according to the column you selected. Then, you can click the sort icon to toggle between ascending and descending order.

If documents are present, there will be a Filter button which brings up a dialog box containing a list of checkboxes. Checking any checkbox, or boxes, will filter the document list to only display documents that match all the boxes checked. The more boxes you check, the more documents will be filtered out of the displayed list.

You can make ConDoc use certain filters every time by setting them as your default filters. Just check the boxes for the filters you want to use and click the Set as Default button. The dialog box will close, and the filters you selected will be applied. If you click the filter button after setting defaults, the default filters will be in blue text. If you only want to filter the documents once, check the boxes and click the Apply button. This will close the dialog box and whatever filters you selected will be applied to the list.

Two additional option buttons on the RFI Filters dialog box allow for quick changes to the filter settings: Select Defaults and Unselect All. Clicking the Unselect All button will remove checks from all the boxes. When you click the Apply button, the list will display all the documents. You can return to the default settings by clicking the Select Defaults button and applying those changes. If filters are used, the Remove Filters button will appear above the document list. This will alert you to the fact that some documents may have been omitted from the list due to the filters.

If you use the Set as Default feature, every time you navigate to this document type, the list displayed will have the filters you selected applied. Having default filters saved will enable two additional function buttons on the document page: Remove Filters and Apply Default Filters. The Remove Filters button will remove all the filters so all documents will appear on the list. When the filters are removed, the Remove Filter button disappears. The Apply Default Filters button will always be present if default filters have been saved. 


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