What are the tabs on the documents?

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Most documents in ConDoc have some features in common. When you open a document to view it, every document will have a Title bar across the top with the project name, the document type, or other information to let you know what you are looking at. Most documents will also have function buttons at the top and bottom: Download, Go to PDF View, Add Note, Save, Close, etc. Below the top function buttons will be a row of tabs: Attributes, Versions, Audit, Security, and Notes. These tabs contain information about the document or attached to the document. The tab you are viewing is identified by a blue line under the tab name.

Activity: On the right-hand side of the RFI, Submittal, Change Request, and Change order documents view windows is an Activity box. This feature will show the date and time any action was taken on these documents, similar to the Audit entries. Each Activity entry will show what action was taken, the name of the person who took the action, and the day and time the action occurred. If the action occurred less than five days ago, the day of the week will appear in place of the date. When documents are created or modified, the Activity list entry will include a download link for that version of the document. 

Attributes include the basic information fields that the document’s creator entered when they created the Document. Versions show you every instance when the document was edited and a new version was saved to ConDoc. The list will include the date and time of the change, the name and role of the person who made the change, and what the status of the document was changed to. The list will also include a Download Version button (it looks like a cloud with a down arrow) for you to download and review previous versions of the document. The Audit tab is similar to Versions, but far more detailed. Audit will list who did what to the document, and when. The Security tab lists (by role and company) who can view the document. Notes will list all the notes attached to the document. This list will include the name of the person who made the comment and the comment itself. Each note will also have the date and time the note was created. The Notes tab has a Download Notes as PDF button that will allow you to download all comments as a single PDF file.

The Notes tab has two additional features. The number of notes attached to the document will appear in parenthesis next to the word Notes. If notes have been added to the document that you have not reviewed, a bell icon will appear to alert you to notes that you haven’t seen.

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