There are no projects in my dashboard/I can't find a project on my dashboard.

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To request access to a project:

Companies are added to a project by the Project's Admin. Employees are added to a project by their company's Project Admin. If you don't see a project you expect to see on your project page, there are two possible solutions:

  1. If you know your company already has access to the project, contact your company's Project Admin and request access to the project.
  2. If your company does not have access to the project, contact the GC's Project Admin and request access to the project for your company.

Something else?

If the GC's Project Admin says you have been added to a project, but you still can't see it, verify the email that is associated with your account. Users with multiple emails could be set up under multiple accounts. (In other words, for one project your username could be, and for another project your username could be 


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