How do I add/create a new project?

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Creating a New Project

New projects can be added via the Create a New Project button on the My Dashboard screen, or via the New button on the Manage Company Projects box on the Company Admin screen. Either button will launch the Create New Project Wizard. 

The Create New Project Wizard has six screens: Payment Details, Project Phase, Project Information, Site Location, Review, and Completed.  The screens are listed across the top of the dialog box, so you can see your progress as you work through the wizard. The bottom of the dialog box has a Cancel button, which will exit the wizard without saving any data, and a Next button to advance to the next screen. After you pass the Project Phase screen, each screen will also have a Back button for you to view the previous screen. You will not lose data you have entered if you use the Back button.

When the Create New Project Wizard launches, it will verify the billing information for your company. If your company does NOT have a payment method established in ConDoc, the wizard will launch from the Payment Details screen. You will either need to enter a credit card or call ConDoc Support to establish another payment method (cash, check, etc.) before you will be able to proceed. If your company already has a payment method established in ConDoc the wizard will launch from the Project Phase screen.

The Project Phase screen has two radio buttons, allowing you to choose either Pre-Construction or Construction. Pre-Construction is the Design/Out to Bid phase of the project. If you accidentally select the wrong phase, you will see it on the review screen. You can use the Back button to navigate back to the Project Phase screen and change the project phase before finishing.

The Project Information screen is next. All fields on the Project Information screen are mandatory. This screen allows you to create a Project Id, name the project, select a projected start and end date, and provide a brief description of the project.  

The Site Location screen allows you to provide the address of the project site. The address you enter here should be the location where the construction will take place. The weather information in ConDoc is determined based on the general area (Zip Code) of the construction site. The address can be updated via the Project Admin screen or via the Manage Company Projects box on the Company Admin screen.

The Review screen shows you all the data that you entered for the project. If something isn’t correct, use the Back buttons to navigate back to the appropriate page and make corrections. Once you are satisfied that all the information is correct, click the Finish button. Once ConDoc creates the project, you will see a message that your project was created successfully. Click the Finish and Close button to exit the wizard.


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