Add and Remove Users from Projects My Company Is Invited To

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If you are the project admin at your company, you can add company employees to a project as soon as you receive the email inviting your company to the project.

Add Users to a Project

  1.   Login to ConDoc using your username and password at
  2. From the Admin dropdown, select “Project Admin” (If you do not have an Admin dropdown, you will need to ask your Company Admin to make you a Project Admin).
  3. Use the Project Selector to navigate to the project you want to add users to. 
  4. The employees that can currently access your project are listed in the users menu. To add additional users, click Quick Add. 
  5.  A dialog will open and display the users at your company that haven’t been assigned to this project.  
    • To select an existing user from the list, select the user you want to add to the project from the list, and then click Select.
    • To add a new user, click Add New User. Enter the work email, first name, and last name for the user you would like to add. Click Create. The user is now added to the selected project. 

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the user list contains all of the users you would like to add to this project.

Manage Project Admin Status for Users

You can select multiple Project Admins on any project your company is added to. Project Admins are able to add and remove users from a project, manage which documents are accessible to users, and request a project export DVD.

Project Admins are not able to edit information about your company.

To manage project admin status:

  1. Click the Manage Users button.
  2. Add a checkmark beside any user name to grant them project admin access. Remove the checkmark beside a user if you want to revoke project admin privileges. 
  3.   Click Close to save your changes.

Manage Document Access for Users

By default, every user you add can view all documents that your company has access to. You can restrict documents for certain employees by adjusting Document Management Permissions. To adjust document management permissions:

  1. Click the Document Management Permissions button.
  2. Uncheck the boxes for any document type you do not want an employee to have access to.
  3. Click Close to save your changes.

Project admins have access to all document types by default.

Remove Users From the Project

Users can be removed from the project at any time. When a user is removed at the project level they will still be able to login to ConDoc and access any other projects they may be added to. They will no longer be able to view or edit anything associated with the project they are removed from.

To remove a user:

  1.   Click the Manage Users button. 
  2.   Click the red ‘X’ beside the name of the user you would like to remove from the project.
  3.   Click OK to confirm your changes.

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